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Not Just a Pipe Dream

Starting a business is like cooking from scratch. So says Codie methodology for start-ups and expanding businesses.
Cyrus, owner of C&C Piping and Fabrication. “It’s like not Although Cyrus was aware that grants were available through
knowing how to cook,” says Cyrus. “Someone puts you in the program, she didn’t intend to apply for one originally, as
the kitchen and you say, ‘OK, where’s the recipe?’” Cyrus and her business is outside the town limits. With encouragement
her husband, Cody Hurd, have found their recipe for success: from Nathan Kolb and Stephanie Keener at the SBDC, she
hard work, a sound business plan, and community support. applied for and won a $15,000 grant to expand the business.
In October 2015, Cyrus and Hurd had an idea for a business She and Hurd are currently looking for a suitable storefront
that would capitalize on Hurd’s experience as a welder. location.
Welding is both a trade and a talent, and Hurd is extremely
good at it. He began welding when he was 12 years old and Cyrus notes that their expansion happened very quickly. They
trained at a technical institute in Missouri. He has traveled created a five-year plan and grew into it within the first year
all over the country working on welding projects. When the of business. And they are grateful for the community support
time was right, he and Cyrus decided to go into business for they have received. “It’s all about the support system,” she
themselves. They would fill a need for mid-sized industrial says. That system has contributed to C&C’s success, helping
projects. He would do the repair, maintenance, and design/ them turn their dream into a reality.
fabrication work; she would run the business.
Cyrus had a lot to learn. She researched a great deal on her With encouragement
own and then signed up for Pop-Up Altavista Program. The from the SBDC, Cyrus
SBDC at Central Virginia Community College partnered applied for and won a
with Altavista on Track, Altavista’s Main Street Program, to $15,000 grant to expand
deliver a nine-week curriculum based on the GrowthWheel®
the business. She is
C&C Piping and Fabrication currently looking for a
suitable storefront location
Codie Cyrus and Cody Hurd before expanding into
a 10,000-square-foot

industrial space.

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