Mission Possible: G2 Ops Redefines Small Business

Military contracts, cybersecurity, and systems engineering may not be the first things most people think of when they heard the words “small business.” But for Tracy Gregorio and her company, G2 Ops, these specialties are their bread and butter. Based out of Virginia Beach, G2 Ops delivers Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and cybersecurity services. Their services help clients improve their configuration management and cyber posture, and their target allocation of their limited resources to fulfill their business mission.

G2 Ops was founded in 1999, focusing primarily on military training and ship repair. When Gregorio joined in 2013, the company switched its focus to expanding their systems engineering services. “Our business is set apart by our people. We hire smart, energetic staff. Our corporate values are integrity, excellence, innovation, and customer worldview. These are ingrained into our culture.”

Like all small businesses, G2 Ops faces the omnipresent challenge of cash flow. According to Gregorio, although the financial needs are non-stop, that can be a sign of healthy growth. “There is always something to pay: employees, federal taxes, business license fees, health insurance, corporate liability insurance, worker’s compensation, unemployment taxes, rent, phones, internet service, and on and on it goes,” says Gregorio.

The Hampton Roads SBDC assisted G2 Ops in submitting a winning proposal that resulted in a five-year U.S. Navy contract, valued at up to $15.6 million, for systems engineering work in San Diego, California. The contract kicked off in September of 2016.

“Right now our revenue is generated through Department of Navy contracts,” says Gregorio. “We are working to diversify our revenue and the SBDC has done a few things for us, including introducing us to potential new customers and other contract vehicles like GSA. They have also provided research on other industries where we would like to diversify,” Gregorio says.

Gregorio says that the Hampton Roads SBDC is one of many reasons that Virginia is a great place for small businesses.

“Virginia is rich with opportunities to expand our business and serve federal customers and commercial companies located and headquartered in Virginia. Virginia and its elected leadership are striving to lead the nation in cybersecurity,” Gregorio says.

She adds that small businesses need to be intentional about pursuing the opportunities that are available.

“We have purposely utilized the resources of the SBDC and Virginia Beach Economic Development, as well as Senator Warner’s staff. We graduated from the VALET program offered by Virginia Economic Development Partnership,” says Gregorio. “There are resources available but they need you to communicate your needs and push them to work on your behalf.”

G2 Ops is currently working on a five-year contract, valued at up to $15.6 million. They have 40 staff members spread throughout their Virginia Beach, San Diego, and Arlington Offices.
Virginia SBDC