ICAP (Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program)

ICAP 2.0 is a statewide technology-commercialization methodology of the Virginia SBDC Network and George Mason University.  Based on the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program of Lean Startup instruction, ICAP 2.0 help inventors, startups, and others take new technologies and innovations to market.

It begins with confidential counseling by a business analyst at the SBDC office in your area (see VirginiaSBDC.org/locations).  With your analyst and support by domain experts, Lean Startup instructors, and the ICAP training team, you will progress through five major steps:

  1. Validating the business model
  2. Building the right team of 3 or more members
  3. Developing a minimum viable product (MVP)
  4. Creating early sales traction
  5. Establishing distribution channels and key partnerships

Who is eligible?

ICAP 2.0 specifically supports Virginia businesses, entrepreneurs, universities, and research centers, who are commercializing innovations.

How do I apply?

Contact Bob Smith at 703.277.7723 or at rsmith62@gmu.edu

He will ask you such things as what you are doing, how far along are you, what your challenges are, etc.

If you are not an SBDC client, you will need to become one and schedule an initial session.  Go to the website for the SBDC website in your area (see VirginiaSBDC.org/locations) to sign up.

How long does it take?

There is no time line, because each team is different.  Even after completing the five steps and possibly obtaining funding, you can use your SBDC adviser for as long as you need or want.