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The Virginia SBDC sponsors a series of webinars titled Beyond Google: Marketing and Managing on the Web series. All webinars are presented by Ray Sidney-Smith, Web Mobile Strategist, author of SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Web Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained, and President of W3 Consulting, a Web, Social Mobile strategy, development and training firm helping business owners learn why and how to use Web, mobile and digital technologies for greater marketing and management impact.

Who should attend?

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, micropreneurs, and solopreneurs
  • Office/sales/customer service managers, marketing directors, executives and professionals
  • Administrative/executive assistants and sales/account representatives
  • Nonprofit executive directors and board members

Upcoming Webinars

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Getting Started with Instagram Small Business Marketing
August 24, 2017 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM EDT

 Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo and video social networking service, was an unlikely winner in the game of Social Media. Limited to only mobile devices, Instagram appealed originally to Millennials. But, it quickly grew and became a tour de force in Social Media, and that’s when Facebook purchased the company. So, how do you get started on Instagram and make an effect on your Small Business’ bottom line? Join us for this Webinar and learn how to champion your brand on Instagram.

What we will discuss in this webinar:

  • Discuss the Instagram culture, demographics, and how to market to your target audience, effectively connecting this channel to your marketing strategy,
  • Walk-through how to set up your Instagram account, and
  • A rock-solid marketing technique for expanding your Small Business audience to convert to sales on your website and email.


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Lead Generation on the Web for Small Business
September 21, 2017 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM EDT

Sales is a tough area of marketing for any Small Business. It’s the lifeblood of our businesses, but it’s typically not our area of specialty. We are service professionals and retailers, typically not sales professionals, that have gone into business. And, with the advent of the Web, sourcing leads from your website can be the primary generator of sales for a local business, but it can also be difficult to understand how. In this Webinar, we will go through the process of understanding how to convert website traffic to sales and generate leads to your business.

What we will discuss in this Webinar

  • Why you want to create a marketing strategy for your website to increase sales to your business (even if you don’t sell anything online!)
  • How to convert website traffic to sales, and
  • Techniques for capturing leads for your business.



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Backing Up Your Business Data on the Web
October 5, 2017 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM EDT

I recently facilitated a SBDC Business Development Roundtable on “Cybersecurity for Small Business,” and there was a consensus that most Small Business owners are not backing up their data. Small businesses are exposed to the most security threats and yet they don’t have an ability to recover from a variety of catastrophes that (not if but) will befall every Small Business. From accidents to attacks, data loss can cripple a business. In this Webinar, we will cover the reasons for making your business data backup strategy a priority, and how to do it.

What we will discuss in this Webinar:

  • Why you should back up your Small Business (and personal) data
  • What you should be backing up, where and how often, and
  • Backup software and services for Small Business.


Recorded Webinar

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