Always #1 Medical And Trauma Cleanup,

John Vaughn and Amber Voss have been in business for the last five years.  They have built their business Always 1st Medical & Trauma Cleanup from their home in Willis, Virginia.  Recently they went to California to meet with Stericlean, LLC, at their international headquarters to train with the top leaders in the industry.

John and Amber have been truly grateful to be able to provide their services in the surrounding areas.  Their business has grown from just the two of them to a total of six technicians and growing.  This company started by providing crime -scene cleanup.  The idea started, Amber Voss said, due to past experiences and realizing that “no one should ever have to clean on their own.”

When cleaning up a crime scene, they serve clients with compassion and sympathy, as they get the jobs done in a timely manner.  This is not a normal job by any means; it takes special people to deliver this kind of service.  When the phone rings, it is because the potential clients have either lost a loved one or are trying to get their lives back on track from a house that is not functional; they are reaching out for help. With these delicate situations, being able to show the light at the end of the tunnel is critical.

Recently, they sought out new business relationships to help their business develop and expand.  They enlisted the expertise of Anthony Byrd at the Radford University SBDC and then Cory Chalmers from the award-winning A&E-nominated show, Hoarders.  Always #1 will become a Hoarders franchise within the next couple of months.  This opportunity will take their business to a whole new level.  They will be branded by one of the leaders in the industry.  Both partners are very excited about this great opportunity, not only to be leaders, but to build relationships with other owners, clients, and organizations.

John and Amber will also be developing and joining a Hoarding task force to provide seminars based on information about hoarding and questions raised by this sensitive topic.  They will be hosting these in Richmond, Virginia, and helping any other cities and counties that want to implement a task force.


Virginia SBDC