Attention Point

Attention Point developed and markets a suite of online tools for private-practice clinical psychologists who work with children suffering from ADHD. Called DefiniPoint, the suite of tools is designed to improve the ADHD assessment experience for clinicians, parents, and teachers. It offers all participants a simple and far more convenient way to utilize ADHD rating scales, while delivering distinct clinical benefits that are not available with paper-based tests. Critical input from parents and teachers is more easily, thoroughly, and regularly entered into the DefiniPoint system. Children, as a result, get better diagnoses, and evidence-based feedback about the therapies is readily available to the clinicians, parents, and teachers.

Sam English, President and CEO of Attention Point, is a beneficiary of the assistance provided by the Roanoke SBDC. According to Mr. English, one of the problems he encountered on his quest to establish Attention Point was the lack of “realistic practical advice from an experienced person.” With the assistance of Tom Tanner and Wayne Flippen at the Roanoke SBDC, Mr. English was able get extensive help with the execution of his idea and turn it into a reality. As a result, he has successfully launched his business with clients in eight states.

Mr. English continues to consult with the SBDC. He thinks it is a great resource not only for him but also for any small business. And he has found the network of knowledgeable and helpful individuals in the Roanoke region to be a great asset.


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