EL ABC de Licencias de Contratistas en VA


Este taller le proveera informacion sobre los diferentes tipos de licencias de contratistas en VA, los requisitos y pasos a seguir. 

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Staying Above Board: Regulatory Compliance for the Craft Beverage Producer

The regulations involved in making, serving, and distributing alcohol are some of the most complex faced by small-scale manufacturers. For producers, ensuring compliance can be confounding or arduous. In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will ask Kevin Anderson, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Alcohol Consulting, about how to build a compliance plan and avoid the most common regulatory slip-ups at every stage of growth.

As a Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority special agent, Kevin Anderson was on the lookout for regulatory violations, underage drinking, and other vices. Today, he has switched to the business side of the alcohol industry— navigating state and federal alcohol regulations for his winery, brewery, distillery, wholesale, and retail clients. After leaving the Virginia ABC Authority in 2015 Kevin became a consultant with ABC Consulting and BreweryCompliance.com, a national consulting firm based in Virginia that offers state and federal licensing assistance along with compliance and consulting services. Kevin was named 100 People to Meet in 2020 by Virginia Business.

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Como Iniciar un Negocio de Comida

Como Iniciar un Negocio de Comida 

Este seminario cubrirá información como iniciar un negocio de comida.

• Diferentes tipos de negocios de comida

• Plan de negocio y financiamiento

• Registración, Certificaciones de Manipulación de Alimentos, Permisos y Licencias

• Mercado/Ventas


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Benchmarking Beer & Spirits: How to Leverage the Power of Data

While delicious products, appealing branding, and good partners are strong assets for a brewery or distillery, they’re no guarantee of success.  The business of brewing and distilling requires a thorough understanding of company performance, but it’s not always clear how to capture and interpret data. Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will speak with Chris Farmand, Founder and CEO of Small Batch Standard, about the core metrics breweries and distilleries should be tracking and strategies for improving performance. 

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Retail 3.0: Thriving in the Next Normal

Does it feel like your small business is constantly pivoting? We hear you! Join retail expert Marc Willson as he unpacks the pivots that will continue to serve Virginia’s small retailers and restaurants beyond the pandemic, meet the ever-changing demands of diverse customers, and build resiliency against future disruptions.

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Craft Beverage QA/QC: Best Practices for Safeguarding Product Quality

There are many reasons for a craft beverage producer to invest in quality – catering to a more demanding consumer base, staking out a competitive edge, preparing for more distant distribution – but determining how to implement QA/QC can be difficult.  In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will speak with Audrey Skinner, Gastronomical Chemist and Founder of Imbibe Solutions, about the steps that planned, new, and growing beverage producers can take to safeguard quality, improve product stability, and lengthen shelf-life.  

Webinar presented by The Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance (CBA) program. Visit the CBA program page for more information.

Audrey Skinner is a Gastronomical Chemist and Founder of Imbibe Solutions, an independent laboratory that works with craft alcohol businesses to supplement and enrich their quality control programs. She has helped many brewers, winemakers, and other craft-fermenters improve processes, ensure product stability and cleanliness, expand shelf-life, and enhance overall product quality. Her goal is to provide small-scale craftsmen with beneficial, quantifiable data so they can be competitive in the growing marketplace.

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Delivering a Premium “Shop Small” Experience During the Holiday Season

Is your business prepared for the holidays? Join this online webinar for some last minute ideas on delivering a premium “Shop Small” experience presented by Marc Willson of the Virginia SBDC:

  • Learn what to expect this holiday season
  • Discover and communicate what sets your business apart
  • Embrace best practices and strategies that work to maximize for a successful finish to the year

Use this critical time as a springboard into a post-pandemic 2022!

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Marketing – Putting your best face forward and bringing parents to your door

In today’s environment, every enrollment counts. The ability to fill those slots is largely dependent on how well you can market your child care center. In this webinar we will provide practical and cost-effective strategies you can use to meet your enrollment goals.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways you can leverage social media and search engine optimization to drive interest
  • How to create a digital storefront that attracts even the most discerning parents
  • Tips on using data to make more informed decisions about your marketing and promotional tactics

Presented by: Lauren Small, business consultant and the owner of Early Education Business Consultants, LLC

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Financial Management – Navigating the challenging ECE business model and increasing your center’s profits

Get more confident with numbers as you find out how to:
  • Deal with the minimum wage increase
  • Manage our challenged business model to keep up with rising costs, especially labor costs
  • Sharpen your financial know-how
  • Become adept at financial forecasting
  • Strengthen your money management systems
  • Make data-driven decisions

Presented by: Lauren Small, business consultant and the owner of Early Education Business Consultants, LLC

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Understanding Complexities of Global Supply Chains: First Step Towards Coping with Supply Chain Woes

Join the Virginia SBDC International Business Development team and Customs Attorney, Ms. Evelyn Suarez, for an interactive conversation about the strained global supply chain environment and possible solutions you can enact. The conversation will touch on:

  • How supply chains worked pre-covid, and the impact of covid, labor shortages, and increased demand that have gummed up the global trading system.
  • Strategies that small businesses can employ to mitigate the adverse impacts of supply chain disruptions.
  • How to communicate new realities to partners and customers.

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