Master list of all blog articles arranged by category. 


  1. Becoming an Entrepreneur Part I: Questions to ask before choosing to become an entrepreneur
  2. Becoming an Entrepreneur Part II: Why small businesses fail and the resources to help you with your new journey
  3. Becoming an Entrepreneur Part III: Five considerations to help you determine your entrepreneurial goals
  4. Choosing your Entrepreneurial Path: Buying a Business
  5. Choosing your Entrepreneurial Path: Government Contracting
  6. Choosing your Entrepreneurial Path: Franchising


  1. Financing Your Business Part 1-An Overview of Business Financing
  2. Financing your Business Part II – Credit Factors
  3. Financing your Business Part III – What Bankers Look For
  4. Financing your Business Part IV- Financial Statements
  5. Financing your Business Part V – Applying for a Loan
  6. BUSINESS LOANS-Overview
  7. Loans — CDC/504 Loan'SBA 7(a) Loans — Basic'SBA 7(a) Loans — Advantage Loans
  8. SBA 7(a) Loans — SBA Express Loan & Patriot Express Loan
  9. SBA Disaster Loans
  10. SBA Loans – Microloans & Special Purpose Loans


  1. Registering as a Government Contractor
  2. Contracting With the General Services Administration (GSA)
  3. Contracting: SAM and Other Resources
  4. Government Resources for Contractors
  5. Contracting – Getting Training
  6. Contracting — Finding Opportunities

Military: Active Service and Veteran

  1. Deployment: Sustain or Suspend Your Business
  2. Deployment: Final Considerations & Checklists
  3. Timeline for Suspending Your Business
  4. Legal and Financial Issues in Sustaining Your Business
  5. Employee Plan and Security Issues in Sustaining Your Business
  6. Veterans First Buying Authority

Copyrights and Trademarks

  1. Protecting Your Ideas Part I—Copyrights and Patents'Trademark FAQs
  2. Trademarks FAQs


  1. Strategies for an Economic Downturn


  1. The Importance of Branding
  2. Marketing versus Sales

Cyber Security

  1. Cost of Cyber Crime to Small Businesses
  2. Highway Robbery: Ransomware and Small Business
  3. Protecting Your Company from Cybercrime

Starting a Business

  1. An Overview of Basic Business Structures
  2. IRS Checklist for Small Businesses
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