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1 – Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications is just as important now – if not more – than ever before. Begin by reviewing the questions below and then the topic-specific resources.
  • How do you intend to advertise that your business has re-opened? What is your communication plan?
  • Have you analyzed your local, regional, and/or national competition?
  • Have you identified your target customer and how to best reach them?
  • Have you identified the key stakeholders and customers to target?
  • What items and practices should be added to your existing marketing strategy?
  • If customer orders have been lost or you simply cannot support them on time, have you informed those customers?
  • Have you re-evaluated what your customer is willing and able to pay for in this new environment?

Marketing Resources

Google and Beyond: Marketing on the Web - Presented by Ray Sidney-Smith

Branding and Messaging to Cut Through the Noise-Loudoun SBDC

Topic: Marketing and Communications

Summary: Strong brand and clear messaging are critical to your business surviving the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Your challenge is to find the right message at the right time, while maintaining a good reputation.

Key Learning Objectives and Actionable Insights:

  • Learn why maintaining a good brand reputation is important to staying in business and what you can do to keep your reputation strong.
  • Gain clarity on the types of messages to send in order to get and keep customers.
  • Understand timing and tone of messaging and the role each plays in customer engagement.

Presenters: Sharon L. Wright, Owner & President and Deb Haynes Swider, Chief Strategist, Loud & Clear Marketing


Introduction/Agenda –  (6 min)

What is marketing? – 6:04 (3 min)

What is branding? - 8:41 (7 min)

Why branding is important – (2.5 min)

Branding tips - (9.5 min)

Questions to ask yourself about your brand - (4.5 min)

What is messaging? - (2 min)

Why messaging is important -  (2 min)

Messaging tips - (12 min)

Questions to ask yourself about your messaging -  (1 min)

Resources/Tools – (2.5 min)

3 Things You Can Do to Connect with Your Customers During Social Distancing-Lord Fairfax SBDC


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