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1 – Safety and Workplace Guidelines

As you continue business operations, a detailed plan should be in place to account for the current situation. Because of the changes COVID-19 has brought about, it is important to not only think about continuing operations, but how to reimagine your business. Begin by reviewing the questions below and then the topic-specific resources.

  • Is attempting to continue operations without any changes possible? If not, what will need to change?
  • Have you familiarized yourself with health/governmental COVID regulations?
  • Are you in compliance with the Virginia Department of Labor Permanent Standards?
  • Have you conducted a job hazard risk assessment specific to COVID-19?
  • Have you updated your policies and to include self-reporting, notification and return-to-work procedures?
  • Have you trained your employees on new policies and procedures?
  • Do you have well-articulated protocols to keep your staff and customers safe?
Safety & Workplace Guidelines


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