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2 – Staffing

Being able to reopen may depend heavily on your ability to have the staff available to meet demand. Begin by reviewing the questions below and then the topic-specific resources.
  • Have you created a staffing plan to reopen? Will it need to be set in phases?
  • Will you need to lay anyone off?
  • Will your staff be able to work fully or partially on a remote basis?
  • Have you communicated with your employees about the plan?
  • Have you considered what your new staffing model means in terms of your obligations, e.g., insurance, taxes, benefits, etc.?
  • Do you have a plan to train your staff on new procedures – including safety and health procedures?


Good Hiring Processes When You Are Hiring On-Line-Lynchburg SBDC

Introduction/Agenda – (4.5 min)

Advertising the position – (12 min)

Screening applicants - (8 min)

Interviewing - (7.5 min)

Candidate selection – (11.5 min)

Negotiation – (2 min)

On-Boarding – (6 min)


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