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Cameras for Cranes Sail Into Foreign Waters

Chris Machut, chief technology officer, and Mark Shaw, The Netarus partners were among the first graduates of
newly hired president of Netarus, came together four years the ExporTech program in Norfolk, a 12-week program
ago to steer this industrial equipment manufacturer into that helps attendees expand into new markets and
international waters. Their product, assembled in Norfolk develop export plans. Through Miller’s ongoing guidance,
by a small team of people, is a video-monitoring camera Netarus was also able to form a relationship with the
mounted on construction cranes used to improve safety and Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank that insures payment for
productivity. their main transactions with two U.K. dealers.

Netarus estimates there are over 120,000 active cranes and a “We were concerned about being able to export our
$600 million market for their product in the U.S. alone—all product; we’d only done it in ones and twos to Germany,
part of a $1.7 trillion Australia, and
U.S. construction South America,
market. It’s a market but the U.K. is our
that Machut and main focus,” said
Shaw spent the last Machut. “Aaron
four years educating has helped us with
through their everything from
website, trade-show pulling research
appearances, personal together to getting
calls, and mailings. assistance in vetting
Now, with the help people we might do
they’ve received from business with. It’s
the International hard to mention
Trade Initiative at everything he did
the Virginia SBDC for us; I’ve learned
Network, they plan so much in dealing
to expand well- with him that I
beyond U.S. borders, wasn’t aware of
starting with a focus even two months
on the U.K. ago.”

Taking the product to international Netarus In 2014, Netarus had sales of $308,000,
markets strategically involves a separate but with the markets they are adding
and highly complex set of skills and ___________________ now they are projecting sales of $1.5
information. That’s where Virginia million over the next 18 months.
SBDC’s International Trade Manager, Chris Machut They have also created five jobs, added
Aaron Miller, proved invaluable Mark Shaw contract workers, and received $80,000
guidance to Machut and Shaw when of insurance funds from Ex-Im bank.
they began working with him last fall.

They have also created 5 jobs, added contract workers, and
received $80,000 of insurance funds from Ex-Im Bank. Their
market has expanded enough to project sales of $1.5 million over

the next 18 months, following 2014 sales of $308,000.

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