2012 Lawrence Easley, LL & G Services, Inc.

Lawrence Easley started LL& G Lawn Care and this business became fully operational as a residential and commercial lawn care business in 2003. This business also became DBE and MBE certified in 2003. Lawrence came to the Longwood SBDC seeking help to obtain funding to purchase a hydro-seeder for his business. He applied to Innovative Bank and received the loan. From 2003 to 2008 his company gross income grew from $250,000 to $450,000. In 2009 LL& G Lawn Care merged with Ronnie Guthrie and the name of the company was changed to LL&G Services, Inc. Lawrence serves as President of LL&G Services, Inc.

LL & G Services, Inc. is certified as DBE and MBE in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Gross income has continued to increase. In 2011 gross income was $5 million.

LL & G is certified to do landscaping, athletic fields, erosion control, asphalt paving, concrete paving, silt fencing (keeps soil from washing into streams and rivers), hydro-seeding, clearing and grubbing land, construction of bio-retention ponds, and hauling and transportation of materials. Since working with the SBDC, the company has grown from five employees to 22 employees. With SBDC business planning and financing assistance, the company now has ten dump trucks, a tractor trailer (low boy) and other equipment necessary to get the job done.

Larry Harris, Director of the Longwood Small Business Center, South Boston Branch has worked with Lawrence since 2006 in several capacities. Lawrence attended several workshops, worked with Larry to create and update his business plans, used those plans to secure loan funds for his business expansions, and has received specific counseling from Larry to grow his business under the Virginia BOWD program. Lawrence said, “Through the help of Larry Harris of the Longwood Small Business Development Center, Mike Russell of DMBE, BOWD Centers of Virginia and North Carolina, and other responsible people, the company continues to grow.”


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