2012 Levon Fiore, Medium Machinery, LLC

Medium Machinery, LLC specializes in medium duty injection molding equipment by offering an injection molder that is both affordable and capable. Levon Fiore, CEO of Medium Machinery, created a new design that improved long-established industry standards. His design was to make custom injection molding technology accessible by drastically reducing the cost and weight of the machine.

Being a start-up company left a lot of room for Medium Machinery to improve its operations and strategy. Fiore decided to use Mason SBDC’s resources to help him continue to expand Medium Machinery’s products into different markets. Fiore had frequent sessions with multiple counselors who guided him in accounting, marketing, and other aspects of his business.

He met with Mona Anita Olsen for general counseling, Carl DesMarais and Mark Juilian for marketing assistance, Jon Trevathan for product liability insurance assistance, Heather Burke for liability insurance and marketing assistance and Timm Johnson marketing and financing assistance. Over time, Levon drastically improved his business operations, helping him obtain $10,000 in capital formation, retain three jobs, and generate over $20,500 in sales.


Virginia SBDC