2012 Warren Sturrup, Froots, LLC

Froots, LLC is a franchise providing smoothies, juices, wraps, soups and salads to an ever increasing health conscious market. Retired Major Warren Sturrup , owner, contacted the Crater SBDC for marketing and business planning assistance. He had a great business, but was in a poor location. SBDC Consultant, Patricia Hood, worked with him on several marketing strategies and also arranged for Sturrup to meet with a franchise consultant. After several meetings and assessment, Sturrup concluded that it would be in his best interest to find a new location. Because of his military background, Major Sturrup was able to establish a strong relationship with personnel at Fort Lee and he relocated Froots to the Fort Lee PXtra.

One of the challenges in the new location was training new staff. The Crater SBDC engaged Marc Willson, SBDC Retail Industry Consultant, to advise Sturrup. Willson has 35 years of experience of retail experience helping owners promote and refine their concepts to the public. The SBDC provided a full day training seminar for Froots employees on the basics of customer service, product promotion and sales. The client did not have to hire an outside consultant and, therefore, he saved a great deal of money.

The Crater SBDC also assisted Sturrup with putting together a business plan and financial projections. The purpose of the business plan was to lay the foundation for Froots goals to provide customers with the best smoothie and food experience possible, and to align the various elements of the company to create a structure of sustainable customer satisfaction and profits.

Because the company was on sound financial footing and had a well prepared business plan, the owners received a loan for $145,000 to open in the new location.

Froots sales increased by 400% in the Fort Lee PXtra location. Sturrup was able to obtain additional financing in the amount of $50,000 and he has hired 10 new employees.


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