Kybecca Wine Bar and Shop

Kyle Snyder and Rebecca Thomas conveyed their passion for love of people, wine, and good food to the Kybecca Wine and Food shop in 2005. In 2007, the Kybecca management team approached the University of Mary Washington SBDC to plan for the launch of the completion of their dream which included a full service wine bar. That relationship remains today as they have continuously worked with the SBDC to refine the business model. Kyle and Rebecca successfully launched the wine bar expansion in 2008 and have never looked back. Their journey has enjoyed notable coverage by Southern Living, Virginia Living, Washingtonian, Good Housekeeping, CNBC, and MSNBC to name a handful.

The 6 year relationship with their SBDC consultant resulted in a number of services. In 2007, they worked with the SBDC to develop a business plan including capitalization planning, brand marketing, mission-vision-values formulation, and financial forecasting. In 2008 that work evolved to inventory management and point of sale systems, traffic management, competitive intelligence, and refinement of the culinary philosophy. In 2009 and 2010 Kyle and Rebecca were enjoying successful growth and met with the SBDC to discuss ways to stay ahead of the competition and keep their brand fresh and evolving. To the credit of the ownership team, which now included Matt Thomas, they helped the SBDC craft a business assessment tool that helps owners and managers identify areas in strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. That process yielded an on-line application and a personal process that helped them to identify ways to continue growth in their business and impact other businesses.

The Kybecca ownership team is comprised of impressive and hardworking talent. Kyle has a passion for food that he learned from his grandparents and transcends the tenets of fresh ingredients combined in simple ways. Rebecca is influenced by her extensive world travels that began in her youth and continue today. Matt is inspired by the ‘farm-to-table’ movement and a passion to teach the subtleties in both the wine and food products. Throughout the Kybecca journey Rebecca has displayed a strong penchant for attention to detail in all aspects including the planning process, financial management, and the design of the facilities. Kyle is a master of many trades incorporating his mastery of metal work, carpentry, and culinary skill into the places you sit and the food you enjoy. Matt is a teacher by both training and practice. He translates all of the Kybecca offerings into an experience that keeps the customer returning.

Since Kyle and Rebecca opened the wine bar they have nearly doubled the sales of their business, expanded the management team, and increased front house staff. Their success is the result of the successful integration of many skills, relentless innovation, and driving entrepreneurial capacity.


Virginia SBDC