Craft Beverage Assistance Program

If you are not already an SBDC client, you can register for CBA assistance here. Because CBA is housed within the International Business Development (IBD) Program, the registration page cites IBD. If you are an SBDC client, you can request CBA services through your regional SBDC office.

The Craft Beverage Assistance (CBA) program is managed by Chris Van Orden, who can be reached at

CBA services are designed to promote sustainable growth and resilience among Virginia-based producers, from start-ups to established and expanding companies.

Market Analysis

SBDC clients can receive assistance on a diverse range of topics related to their approach to market, from brand positioning and pricing strategy to channel mix and customer segmentation.

 Distribution and Logistics

For any company selling through third-party wholesalers, a well-designed and executed distribution plan is critical to long-term success; this is doubly true for producers operating within the three-tier system. CBA helps companies to maximize performance through sound distribution and logistics practices.

Sales Strategy

In the increasingly competitive drinks market, companies need to have a well-articulated approach to sales that emphasizes their strengths and responds to market conditions. CBA can help businesses craft a sales strategy that matches its goals and ambitions.

Marketing and Promotion

In order to command the attention of retailers and consumers alike, beverage producers must develop compelling marketing plans. CBA can help companies better articulate their products’ value and drive sales through brand positioning, event programs, and promotional material development.

Back-of-house Operations

No matter the stage or scale, every craft beverage producer should strive to have efficient operational practices in place for all critical components of its business. CBA provides guidance on the proper development and implementation of internal procedures: staffing, production planning, growth management, and beyond.

Expansion and Exports

CBA is prepared to help companies grow into new markets. Domestically, businesses can learn about the sales environment and regulatory regimes of target markets. Companies interested in international opportunities can learn more about exporting by requesting access to the Craft Brewery Export Guide. When ready, they can take advantage of the joint resources of CBA and the International Business Development program.


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