In order to attract the best team as the economy reopens, you may need to rethink the way you identify and recruite talent. The strategies listed below will be most effective accomplished with a trusted and objective SBDC advisor.

Talent Identification

  • Promote to underemployed populations, such as:
    • retirees
    • military spouses
    • caregivers
    • college students and recent graduates
    • individuals with disabilities
    • people in recovery
    • formerly incarcerated individuals
    • people with mental illness
    • high school stucents and teenagers
  • Be open to “unconventional” job structures such as:
    • temps
    • independent contractors
    • interns
  • Offer a incentive for current employees to recruit employees that stay at least 6 months. Good people typically have a good circle of friends.
  • Share job posting with colleagues, suppliers, customers, and other existing networks – many hires come from 2nd or 3rd layer of separation
Promoting the Role

Role Promotion

  • Include the wage/salary, benefits and job duties in the job advertisement
  • Emphasize company values and culture
  • Highlight flexibility (ie: non-traditional work hours, work from home)
  • Delineate a clear career growth trajectory
  • Offer time-delayed signing bonus and other one-time incentives
  • Promote through targeted channels, don’t rely on generalist sites that focus more on the quantity of applications than the quality of applications

Job Benefits

  • Offer competitive salary/wages and benefits
  • Look at what other benefits competing firms offer (relocation stipend, childcare)
  • Consider workplace flexibilities beyond telework (shorter weeks, flexible hours)
  • Interview existing employees to learn what matters to them – work/life balance, flexibilities, benefits, culture, etc.  That’s likely what will matter to their potential colleagues.
Crafting an enticing Job
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