In order to attract the best talent, you might need to re-evaluation your organizational culture to establish and maintain practices to promote a positive company culture and morale.  The suggestions listed below will be most effective accomplished with a trusted and objective SBDC advisor.


  • Offer timely feedback for an employee’s performance
  • Maintain an open door policy for the discussion of work place issues
  • Ensure good and open communication across the organization
  • Acknowledge employee contributions towards business success
  • Be clear about responsibility and reporting chain of command
Organizational Culture


  • Be inclusive and solicit and value input and ideas from everybody in the company
  • Provide appropriate transparency to the workforce about critical operations
  • Maintain a safe and welcoming workplace for building a team with diverse perspectives
  • Provide employees with the tools they need to do their work


  • Offer managerial training and regular evaluations
  • Establish formal and informal employee mentoring, to help with personal and professional growth
  • Provide opportunities for developing personal connections:
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Health and wellness events
    • Holiday events
    • Team building activities
    • Community building activities
    • Physical spaces in office for social interactions

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