Service Center Metals

Service Center Metals

Service Center Metals (SMC) incorporated in 2001 and began operations in 2003 with their first aluminum extrusion line. They expanded again in 2006, adding their second extrusion line. Their growth rate has exceeded 15% per year except in 2008 and 2009 when the market for aluminum extrusions slowed down due to the recession, which required a workforce reduction. By 2011, the market for aluminum extrusions had fully recovered, and SMC was able to return the business to full employment with 118 employees.

2012 was a record performance year. They have developed a manufacturing model that has made them the most competitive and efficient aluminum extrusion manufacturer in the world. They developed a world-class employee incentive program where the production employees receive bonuses they have earned on a daily basis and management staff on an annual basis. SCM has an excellent safety record and a system of communications that demonstrate the effectiveness of a “high performance team,” creating excellent quality products and services. They have developed and promoted an excellent Innovation Program rewarding their employees for their excellent ideas. SCM has a richly diverse innovative workforce focused on being the best. They treat them well with excellent salaries, benefits, and recognition. Service Center Metals’ product quality and delivery service are the best in the industry, satisfying the most critical of clients. They have proven that they have staying power and are focused on growth.

Service Center Metals has approved funding to add an 80,000 sq-ft state-of-the-art, environmental friendly Cast House, requiring 16 new employees in 2013. It will convert scrap aluminum from operations into new billets that will go back into manufacturing.

The Founding Partners abilities are demonstrated in their market share, the number of companies that want to do business with them, and the growth rate of their business. Service Center Metals is truly a gazelle company with a very bright future and is a good example of a solution for putting our nation back to work with excellent quality jobs that create a thriving economy. They have become a real asset to the Greater Richmond Region. A business that has survived “The Great Recession” and returned to growth in such a short period of time is very special.

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