Sweet, buttery success at Northern Neck Popcorn Bag

Growing up working at the family snow-cone stand, Terri Crowder never dreamed her full-time job would one day be selling delicious, savory popcorn from a shop in the heart of charming downtown Kilmarnock, but that is just what she is doing.

She and husband Kevin, a full time chaplain at Mary Washington Hospital, have run Northern Neck Popcorn Bag since November 2016, after settling on Kilmarnock as the ideal location for their popcorn shop. “We just got the vibe that this was the perfect spot,” says Terri. “And we pursued it.”

Although both Crowders come from experienced entrepreneurial backgrounds, Terri still found herself up against some roadblocks when they decided to move forward with their business. The SBDC at the Community Business Partnership in Springfield was there and ready to help. They were able to help Terri craft a business plan, and she was particularly impressed with the quick turnaround of the expert advice they offered.

“I had to put together a package to give me a framework. They evaluated what I needed to work on and they did it in a short amount of time,” Terri says. This enabled things to get popping, literally, for Northern Neck Popcorn Bag, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Terri and Kevin were awarded the Virginia Living magazine’s 2017 Made in Virginia Award.

“I love doing this, and I am amazed by what we’ve been able to do,” Terri says. “From helping families to creating jobs, we are able to do a lot of giving back to the community, and I am so incredibly proud of that.”

The Crowders believe that their popcorn is more than just a tasty snack, it is a memory waiting to be made. “What sets us apart is what people experience through us. We give our customers something that they can share with their loved ones, friends, and family. And I think that’s a really special thing, a unique food experience,” says Terri.

The Crowders launched in early 2016 and now have 9 employees and strong sales. They go through 55 pounds of unpopped corn and 50 pounds of butter in an average month.
Virginia SBDC