Ten Reasons to Promote Small Business Saturday



Promote Small Business Saturday

  1. Shoppers who knew about Small Business Saturday spent $5.5 billion on that day last year and 77% say they plan to shop local again this year. Promote this event on your website, social media pages and in your store.
  2. 67% of businesses that participated last year offered discounts on that day or coupons for discounts in the future.
  3. If your customer uses American Express, they get $25 back when they spend at least $25 at a local store. The store must enroll on the Small Business Saturday site and meet a few qualifications. The deadline is November 18th.
  4. For every $100 spent locally, $69 stays in the county and is used for supporting the infrastructure. Only 14% stays local when the money is spent at a chain store.
  5. Sustain local jobs. When a Walmart opens in a county, it actually reduces jobs by an average of 150 implying that each Walmart employee replaces 1.4 retail workers.
  6. Stress the ease in which shopping in a small locally owned store offers. The owner typically has hand selected products that they know their customers will like. Add some personalized customer service, like knowing the person’s name and family members, and you have a customized holiday shopping experience tailored specifically for the shopper. Create gift lists with “prices under” sections to demonstrate the breadth of your assortment
  7. Prewrap some of your hottest items so that the “convenience shopper” has the easiest shopping experience ever.
  8. Avoid the madness of Black Friday at big shopping centers and mega-stores. Door buster deals are usually in very limited quantities and long lines turn some people off. Offer a great, comfortable experience for the customer.
  9. The customer trusts you. A Gallop poll earlier this year found American people rank small businesses second only to the U.S. Military when it comes to institutions that they have confidence in.
  10. Make sure you can easily Get Found on a Google search and extend your hours for Small Business Saturday and the entire holiday season. Be Open when your customers can shop!
Virginia SBDC