BizHelper grew out of a dream that organizations should be empowered – not encumbered – by the innovation of the Internet and the evolution of web technologies. Founded in 2000, they began as a small hosting and web development firm targeting small businesses and non-profits. They have evolved to providing enterprise computing strategic guidance to the U.S. Army Headquarters’ Chief Information Officer G-6 office at the Pentagon. They have completed numerous advanced IT studies for the CIO on how the Army must adapt to be able to leverage the new and often disruptive technologies.

BizHelper has received over 100 hours of counseling from Community Business Partnership (CBP), as well as training, mentoring and enormous networking opportunities over the years. They also received a $20,000 microloan in 2002, which has been paid back in full. In 2011, they received a substantial Small Business Administration 504 loan from SunTrust Bank to help finance a new building.

CEO George Callaghan is an acknowledged authority in the industry for his range of technical capabilities, solutions for the Department of Army, as well as his thorough understanding of business processes, sensitivity to customer needs, and passion for evolving beneficial new ideas for business owners. His passion for learning, doing the impossible and helping people help themselves has enabled BizHelper to grow from a small website hosting reseller to the amazing role it has today providing advanced IT strategies to the Department of Defense and other clients.


Virginia SBDC