Long-Term Commercialization Advising

Our team of highly experienced ICAP Mentors make up the backbone of the program. Each ICAP Mentor works with entrepreneurs one-on-one to provide confidential, long-term advising and support. The process begins with an initial assessment to determine what stage in the startup process the entrepreneur is in, to understand their long-term goals, and to develop a mutually agreed upon roadmap for future success. This roadmap typically is focused on the next 30-60 days and is meant to help the startup progress towards key milestones.

As the startup progresses, the ICAP Mentor will suggest and connect the founders with appropriate resources for each milestone and stage of the startup process. These resources may include local, state, and federal grants, accelerators, and investors. ICAP is connected to a large number of these resources throughout the Commonwealth and sticking with the program can increase your chances of obtaining grants, being selected by accelerators, and/or receiving investment.

Introductory Course

The Introductory course is a 2.5-week intensive startup assistance program targeting early-stage, innovative high-growth potential companies. Using Lean Startup as its principal methodology, entrepreneurs learn how to identify their initial customer segment, validate their ideas, and develop business models that investors would more likely fund. With mentoring and expert guidance, ICAP teams create a roadmap to early success in order to increase their potential to attract investment opportunities for funding and growth. Your ICAP Mentor works with you and your team one-on-one for customized support for the duration of the course and beyond.

This course teaches the key concepts of the Customer Discovery during five (3-hour) sessions. In addition to the five sessions, there is extensive work done “outside the classroom”. Participants should expect to spend another 10 to 15, or more, hours per week conducting customer discovery interviews and on course assignments. Each participating ICAP team is required to complete a minimum of 20 customer discovery interviews over the duration of the introductory course. At the conclusion of the program, the participants remain connected to their ICAP Mentors for follow-on advising and support.

Advanced Programming

ICAP offers advanced programming for startups as they progress and grow as a company. The programs are offered through ICAP, as well as in partnership with Virginia-based accelerators can include the following:

  • Building out the founding team
  • Developing the MVP (minimal viable product)
  • Securing pilots and early sales
  • Developing key partnerships needed to scale

As each company progresses, they will be connected with subject matter experts to assist in the building of an organization. Some of the subject areas covered are:

  • Legal entity formation
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Digital Innovation
  • Cybersecurity

ICAP Partners

ICAP Mentors