Covenant Building Maintenance

The Gant family, consisting of Taylor, Calvin and Dawn, now own Covenant Building Maintenance. They first arrived at the Lord Fairfax SBDC in 2008, when they were partners with another couple in another building maintenance concern.  The Gants left in 2009 after their son, Taylor, started his own business, which is the current Covenant Building Maintenance.

The company has come back to the SBDC to get questions answered or assistance with a range of situations.  Dawn has used the SBDC library for accounting research.  Calvin and Taylor have had discussions with counselors on types of business entities and marketing.  They have met with our counselors coming out of Richmond on how to do business with the Commonwealth.  They have attended numerous business seminars and conferences.

They have grown the company since 2009 from a start-up with a core set of clients to a company that now serves 50 plus businesses (almost 170% growth) in the Shenandoah Valley from Staunton to Hagerstown and east to Fairfax.  They operate out of the company headquarters in Winchester that serves as both administrative offices and warehouse for their cleaning supplies and equipment.  They have dedicated service trucks, and employment has more than doubled since opening with a base of employees.  During this same time period gross revenue has grown 231%.  The business has a strong customer service orientation built around a foundation of traditional family values.

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