Crisis Management – Developing Team and Processes

Session seven of the Refocus & Rebuild webinar series focused on crisis management and how to develop your team and processes and was led by Sam Wolford with GENEDGE.

Breakdown of Session

Opening – (1 min)

Introduction – (3.5 min)

Definition and examples of a crisis – (5.5 min)

What is crisis management and why is it important? – (1.5 min)

Crisis management vs. Disaster recovery vs. Business continuity – (2 min)

Crisis management planning – 6 steps – (7.5 min)

Factors to consider in a crisis management plan – (3 min)

Six parts of a crisis management plan – (1 min)

Developing a crisis management team – (18 min)

  • Overview/team makeup- (5 min)
  • Team capabilities – (2 min)
  • Incorporating media relations/training and exercise – (3 min)
  • Advice for leadership/management – (2.5 min)
  • Characteristics of a crisis management team – (4 min)
  • Overview to achieve and maintain a crisis management team – (1 min)

Crisis management in COVID-19 – (9 min)

Contact information– (1 min)

Q&A – 52:57

Closeout – 1:00:41

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