Leadership in Uncertainty

The way you lead your business in uncertain times can make or break your business. It’s much easier – and cheaper – to play offense than defense in the business world. We’ll give you tips and tools you need to succeed as a leader in uncertainty.

Key Learning Objectives and Actionable Insights:

  • Learn actions you can take to show leadership to your customers.
  • Understand why it’s imperative to show leadership internally and steps you can take to avoid unintentional employee attacks on your reputation.
  • Gain clarity on tools you can use to keep you and your company moving forward in the right direction despite uncertainty.
  • You’ll also walk away with actionable questions and outside resources you can use to guide your branding and messaging efforts.

Presenter: Sharon L. Wright, Owner & President and Deb Haynes Swider, Chief Strategist, Loud & Clear Marketing