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Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

Updated for 2022

Businesses need to understand the basics of digital marketing now more than ever, because digital marketing creates growth.

Learn about the basics of digital marketing, including:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to use analytics to measure your success

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Putting Your Data to Work: How to Harness the Power of Sales Analytics

Chances are you’ve heard of the phrase “data-based decision-making,” but what does it mean for alcohol producers growing their distribution?  In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden asks Ben Lewellyn, Founder of craft beverage analytics firm Full Count, how producers can make the most of their sales data, from diagnosing issues and constructing sales incentives to charting growth opportunities and preparing for annual budget planning (ABP) meetings with distribution partners.


Ben Lewellyn has worked in craft beverages for more than a decade, focused primarily on building and improving wholesale sales operations (forecasting production, managing salespeople & distributors, selling to key accounts, and developing strategy).  He started Full Count Analytics to help craft manufacturers make sense of their data through custom software solutions and individualized coaching.  Originally from Alabama, Ben now lives with his wife and son in Charlottesville.

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Mobile Apps: How to plan, execute & launch

IIn this bootcamp you will learn if your small business will benefit from having a mobile app, and the steps to successfully deploy and market your app on the app stores. Areas covered include:

  1. Market Research

  2. App Scoping

  3. Finding a Developer and Budget

  4. App Business Planning

  5. Marketing Approach

  6. Building a Prototype

  7. Launching an App

  8. Promoting App

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Delivering a Premium “Shop Small” Experience During the Holiday Season

Is your business prepared for the holidays? Join this online webinar for some last minute ideas on delivering a premium “Shop Small” experience presented by Marc Willson of the Virginia SBDC:

  • Learn what to expect this holiday season
  • Discover and communicate what sets your business apart
  • Embrace best practices and strategies that work to maximize for a successful finish to the year

Use this critical time as a springboard into a post-pandemic 2022!

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How to Generate Leads Using Digital Marketing Tools

Turning online activity into sales can boost your revenue and profits. In this roundtable event you will hear from other local business owners about how they use digital media to grow their business. They’ll share what tools and process helped them increase the number of prospects in their sales funnel.

This live session will cover:

  • What B2B techniques work to attract large enterprise buyers
  • How B2C, social selling and influencers can increase retail sales
  • How to use a customer relationship management system and curated content to merge lead generation and in person prospecting
  • How to use paid social media for special event marketing.

Join our panel of SBDC advisors and clients to learn how you can leverage these same tools to drive growth and profitability in your own business.

Our Speakers:

Angie Toney, Owner Angel Financial Services
Harish Bikmal, CEO Zenaviv
LaSondra Grey, Owner Reflections Image Center & Skin Care Institute –
Mark Bradley, Owner Legacy Concerts
Terry Saeger , LSBDC Sales and Marketing SME
Elis Devlin, LSBDC digital marketing SME
Subodh Nayar, moderator

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Digital Marketing and Technologies of the Future

Technology is changing the way we interact and work, and the pandemic has highlighted the digital divide that impacts businesses and customers in all industries.

  • What technologies has your business adopted that are serving you well?
  • How have you stayed connected with your customers?
  • What additional investments might be needed? 

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Leadership in Uncertainty

The way you lead your business in uncertain times can make or break your business. It’s much easier – and cheaper – to play offense than defense in the business world. We’ll give you tips and tools you need to succeed as a leader in uncertainty.

Key Learning Objectives and Actionable Insights:

  • Learn actions you can take to show leadership to your customers.
  • Understand why it’s imperative to show leadership internally and steps you can take to avoid unintentional employee attacks on your reputation.
  • Gain clarity on tools you can use to keep you and your company moving forward in the right direction despite uncertainty.
  • You’ll also walk away with actionable questions and outside resources you can use to guide your branding and messaging efforts.

Presenter: Sharon L. Wright, Owner & President and Deb Haynes Swider, Chief Strategist, Loud & Clear Marketing

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