Craft Compliance: Non-Traditional Production

To effectively regulate alcohol manufacturers, State and Federal agencies assign producers into discrete categories and apply different provisions to each group.  However, given the variety of bev-alc companies operating today, it’s not always clear what compliance looks like for all producers. 

In this webinar, regulatory expert Kevin Anderson provides insights into the evolving world of compliance for non-traditional production.  The discussion covers such arrangements as contract production, rotating proprietorship, non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits, and more.

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Intro to State Government Contracting with SBSD

Each year, the State buys goods and services totaling more than $7 billion – learn how your company can be a part of that!

This webinar educates small, woman and/or minority business owners about opportunities to sell their goods and services to the Commonwealth of Virginia and many local governments.

The workshop provides information about the Virginia procurement process (the eVA system) and the benefits of SWaM certification.

Speaker: Angela Barber, Business Services Manager, Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Eastern VA Region

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Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

Updated for 2024

Businesses need to understand the basics of digital marketing now more than ever, because digital marketing creates growth.

Learn about the basics of digital marketing, including:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to use analytics to measure your success

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Trade Talk: The Role of Customs Brokers

In today’s globalized economy, it can be easy to take the flow of goods from market to market for granted.  But there are experts operating behind the scenes who ensure that shipments clear customs and make it into the country smoothly. 

In this webinar, the Virginia SBDC’s Assistant Director of International Business Development Chris Van Orden asks Shawn Jarosz, Founder & Chief Strategist at TradeMoves, about her experience working with small businesses as a licensed customs broker.

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Franchising 101: Starting a Business Through a Franchise

What does it take to be a successful franchise owner in Virginia?

Whether you are interested in operating a full-time business, being a semi-absentee investor, or having a highly profitable summer business, learn what to look for in a franchise, which franchises do well (and don’t do well) in our region, and state and local regulations to be aware of before signing a franchise agreement.

Also learn about franchise trends and opportunities.

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Trademark Basics

Find our what all entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups should know about trademarks.

We discuss what trademarks are, the benefits of federal trademark registration, and the basics of the registration process. We also talk about why it’s so important for any new business to select a trademark that is both federally registrable and legally protectable.

Discover the free resources that are available from the USPTO!

Webinar presented in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Cyber Incident Response Planning: Building Resilience for Small Businesses

Preparing for cyber incidents is pivotal for small businesses to mitigate potential damages and ensure continuity in the face of cyber threats. This training is designed to assist small business owners and decision-makers in developing robust cyber incident response plans.

“Cyber Incident Response Planning: Building Resilience for Small Businesses” offers a comprehensive understanding of incident response frameworks, strategies, and best practices tailored to the specific needs and resources of small businesses.

Speaker: Quiana Gainey, Virginia SBDC Cyber Industry Expert

The Virginia Small Business Development Centers provides support for small companies to keep your business secure by offering one-on-one counseling, assessments, and webinars to learn how to protect your businesses from cyber threats.

Learn More Here on our Cybersecurity Page

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Insuring Your Craft Beverage Business

Making and selling alcohol involves significant and varied risks, all of which need to be managed. But how can breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries determine the insurance they need at each stage of growth? 

In this webinar, Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden asks Kyle Rheiner of Arthur Hall Insurance about the types of policies available to producers and best practices for developing a comprehensive risk-management strategy.

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How to Manage Your WordPress Website

Updated for 2024

Learn how to create and/or better manage your WordPress website!

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective website to use for your business? WordPress might be a good option! In this workshop, we covered “the basics” on creating and updating a WordPress site, including:

  • User management
  • Page creation and editing
  • Image and video uploads
  • Plugin management
  • Linking to social media

Instructor: Cameron Nelson, CEO of Tenzing Startup Consultants

Mr. Nelson has over 19 years experience in technology, and as a senior tech consultant in Silicon Valley helping Fortune 500 companies improve their digital marketing and eCommerce. At the same time he founded several tech companies, including a SaaS website for tree preservation and a blockchain platform for nonprofits. Cameron is accomplished in language, culture, has an MBA and MA and believes new technology products have the ability to help shape our world for the better.


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Patent Basics

This webinar covers the basic facts about patents. We explore the different types of patents, including utility, design, and plant. We define the difference and use of both provisional patent applications and non-provisional patent applications. Further, we discuss the process of patent prosecution, the role of the U.S. patent examiner and what to expect when working with the USPTO.

Information regarding a number of patent prosecution programs and initiatives available to applicants is also be provided.

Webinar presented in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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