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All you need to know about the SBDC to grow, build, or expand your business

Presented by Virginia SBDC Inclusivity Ambassador, Dr. Hope Murphy.

This 45-minute informal information session will help you to get the most out of SBDC RESOURCES, programs, and networks in support of your small business.

As the largest small business support program in the country, the SBDC offers the services that small business owners need to succeed such as:

* Small Business counseling (free)

* Specialty programs (free)

* Access to business data and information (free)

* Cybersecurity training

* Small business loan process

* Training

After this session, you will know what is available, how to access it, and how to make the most of your free counseling sessions with the SBDC.

About the Presenter

Dr. Hope Murphy specializes in connecting business owners with the resources needed to build their businesses. Her experience includes providing business counseling to veterans through the Veteran’s Business Outreach Center and counseling/training entrepreneurs at the Women’s Business Center.

While Dr. Murphy counsels all small business owners, her passion is to provide business counseling that supports the unique needs of minority business owners.

Dr. Murphy is a small business owner and she provides diversity and inclusion training to organizational leaders and their teams. She and her family live in Stafford, Virginia.

[email protected]

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Free Research Assistance, Business Development, and Career Enhancement…@YourPublicLibrary

Do you need:

·        Research assistance for your business plan or market study?

·        Professional development surrounding HR, accounting, and marketing?

·        A jumpstart for your business idea?

·        Job search assistance?

·        A place to meet clients?

·        A telework location?

Look no further than your local public library, in person and online. While each location is different, every library, through the Library of Virginia, has access to digital resources, learning assets, and research tools to help you meet your career and business goals. Join us to learn more!


·       Nan Carmack – Director of the Library Development and Networking Division, Library of Virginia ([email protected]) (and small business owner!)

·       Barry Trott – Adult Services Consultant, Library of Virginia ([email protected]

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Launching a Craft Beverage Business: Key Considerations for New and Planned Production Companies

It takes a lot of expertise to open and operate a successful alcohol production business. From state and federal licensure and taxation to product labeling and inspections, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In this educational webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden discusses with Janine Aquino, President at Aquino Baron Consulting, the key issues that new and planned Virginia-based wineries, breweries, cideries, and distilleries (including farm-based producers) need to manage and how entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success.

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Craft Beverage QA/QC: Best Practices for Safeguarding Product Quality

There are many reasons for a craft beverage producer to invest in quality – catering to a more demanding consumer base, staking out a competitive edge, preparing for more distant distribution – but determining how to implement QA/QC can be difficult. In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will speak with Audrey Skinner, Gastronomical Chemist and Founder of Imbibe Solutions, about the steps that planned, new, and growing beverage producers can take to safeguard quality, improve product stability, and lengthen shelf-life. Webinar presented by The Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance (CBA) program. Visit the CBA program page for more information.

Webinar presented by The Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance (CBA) program. Visit the CBA program page for more information.

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Understanding Complexities of Global Supply Chains: First Step Towards Coping with Supply Chain Woes

Join the Virginia SBDC International Business Development team and Customs Attorney, Ms. Evelyn Suarez, for an interactive conversation about the strained global supply chain environment and possible solutions you can enact. The conversation will touch on:

  • How supply chains worked pre-covid, and the impact of covid, labor shortages, and increased demand that have gummed up the global trading system.
  • Strategies that small businesses can employ to mitigate the adverse impacts of supply chain disruptions.
  • How to communicate new realities to partners and customers.

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Craft Beverage Finance – What You Need To Know Before Speaking With Your Banker

It takes significant financial wherewithal to enter and succeed in the competitive craft beverage industry, but it’s not always clear what it takes to raise capital. In this webinar, Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance Manager Chris Van Orden will ask Jason Sleeman, VP of Craft Beverage Lending at United Community Bank, what he looks for when working with craft beverage clients. The free-flowing conversation will touch on key ratios, benchmarking, revenue projections, and other important information that you’ll want to have prepared before approaching a lender. New and existing breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries all stand to benefit from this informational webinar.

Webinar presented by The Virginia SBDC Craft Beverage Assistance (CBA) program. Visit the CBA program page for more information.

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Attracting, Retaining and Reskilling Talent

‘Attract, Develop, and Retain Quality Employees’ is the mantra of successful CEOs and HR people across the US. Small business often has difficulty in each step of this process. This webinar will help you design an effective hiring process that is easy to use and results in better applicants and smarter selection tactics. Whether your area is dealing with low unemployment or you have not been able to find the right skills, it offers tips and tactics to succeed.

We will cover ways to enhance your current employees’ knowledge and skills as well as to offer re-skilling to address new needs. Retention is a product of hiring the right people up front, then providing them with the coaching and development to succeed and grow. We will cover all of this plus some basic information for those considering allowing remote or hybrid work options.


Patricia A. Frame is an experienced Human Resources management consultant and speaker. She founded Strategies for Human Resources to help small employers achieve their goals and minimize risk through effective people management. Her clients describe her as an advisor, trusted, and empathetic. She also consults for the Alexandria Small Business Development Center. Patricia has been a guest speaker for a wide range of professional events at the national and local level. In 2017 she was selected as the Virginia Small Business Veteran of the Year. An Air Force veteran, she holds an MBA from Wharton.

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Supply Chain Impacts and Considerations

For many, bare toilet paper shelves and “one per customer” restrictions on eggs in 2020 shone a spotlight on supply chains for the first time. Less visible were the disruptions in non-consumer sectors and the impacts on a variety of other businesses. Relatedly, there has been ongoing conversations about reshoring in the wake of the pandemic. What does all of this mean for small businesses that are looking for ways to future-proof their supply chains? In this session, participants will consider what they can do to make their businesses more resilient to future disruptions.

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The Future of Consumers and Customer Behavior

The pandemic has changed customer expectations and behaviors. Some of these changes may be temporary, while others may be here to stay. In this session, participants will learn more about broad trends in consumer behavior and will hear directly from business owners who are navigating these trends. Attendees will also have time to identify potential long-term changes in their industries and how they will need to adapt.

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Understanding and Mitigating Supply Chain Risks Remotely

Presented by Jennifer Woofter of the SBDC-Lynchburg Region. Uh-oh, a possible pandemic is here and you’re not ready! Learn ways to mitigate unexpected (and potentially catastrophic) supply chain disruptions now, while putting in place systems to reduce your risk in the future. Facilitator Jennifer Woofter is the President and Founder of Strategic Sustainability Consulting. She manages a remote workforce across the globe. She also serves as an SBDC Advisor for the Virginia SBDC – Lynchburg Region.

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